What’s Happening?

May 2019

Fast America Ride started off on April 27 from Costa Mesa California…

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Pacific coast, high dessert and mountain vistas provided the backdrop for our first 7 days of riding. Climbs up to Yarnell and up & over Mingus to the old copper mining town of Jerome was one of the more challenging days for this group. That was followed by a ride through the red rock country of Sedona. Stunning! Our first leg ended in Albuquerque in the high dessert of New Mexico at the foot of the Sandia Mountains. What a week! 

Mother Nature has been spoiling us. Mostly favorable winds. Moderate temperatures. No snow squalls or hail storms. Not even any ra… Wait, I won’t say that. Don’t want to press our luck. Suffice it to say that we’re all thrilled with the weather we’ve had and would not complain at all if it were to continue. We arrived in Albuquerque yesterday on the last day of the first leg. Today is a day for resting and cleaning. We will take it, gladly, for tomorrow we’re up early to continue our journey to the Atlantic Ocean.

Read all about our travels on the ride leader’s ride journal. Perhaps you’ll be tempted to join us in 2021??


Sectional Tours

Are you a rider who does not have the 33 days to ride across America in one event? America by Bicycle offers sections of all our long-distance tours. Most routes are 8-10 days, the perfect length for a shorter vacation. You can find descriptions and details for on all  our Sectional Tours on the AbB webite.