What’s Happening?

July 2019

Cross Country Challenge

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America by Bicycle’s Cross Country Challenge began on Sunday June 2nd with a wheel dip in the Pacific near San Francisco. 15+ riders briefly headed west to the Pacific side of the peninsula for the obligatory wheel dip & photo op. Then it was up through San Francisco, across the Golden Gate Bridge and they were headed east. They crossed the high dessert of Nevada and tackled the Rockies in Colorado. They celebrated crossing the halfway point on the way into Abilene KS and have entered the sixth state of the tour, Missouri. They are appreciating now that the midwest is not as flat as one might think it is.

Looking for more information on “Challenge?” Check out the AbB website.


Across America North

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Across America North began its crossing Monday June 24th, just over three weeks after Challenge. The riders had their own personal wheel dips in the Pacific Ocean just west of Astoria OR. Group pictures were taken under the bridge and then the riders headed across Oregon. They spent just over a week crossing only one state but it’s one state with great roads for cycling through diverse ecosystems - tall green coastal forests, snow covered mountains and high dessert. The group just entered their second state and enjoyed the first rest day in Boise ID. They will need the rest, Teton Pass &  the Continental Divide are coming soon!

Keep up with this group in the ride journal. Pictures and words will be posted (nearly) daily. Get all the details on Across America North AbB website.