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June 2019

Fast America Ride 2019 finished on the Atlantic Coast…

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Fast America Ride  

When last we wrote, the riders had made it from Costa Mesa CA to Albuquerque NM. Since then, they have pedaled across the wide central plains in cattle country, over challenging rollers & past the soggy farmland of the Midwest, and over the mountains of the Northeast. Weather has been surprisingly favorable. Yes, there were a couple of rainy days and yes, there were days with headwinds that just would not quit. That said, we were spared from all of the seriously bad weather that seemed to flank us to our west and east. Severe thunderstorms or tornados or flooded roadways seemed to just miss us. For that, we are all ever grateful. After 31 riding days, the riders completed their journey with the obligatory wheel dip in the Atlantic.

Along the way, new bests were made by each of the riders in terms of time in the saddle, vertical feet climbed and consecutive 100+ miles days ridden. Along the way, countless stories were exchanged and new friendships were made. At the end, some of the riders were excited to be heading home and perhaps packing their bike away for a little break. Others began looking for their next bicycle journey. All were excited and deservedly proud of what they had accomplished. 

To get the full story of the 2019 version of the Fast America Ride, read all about it in the ride leader’s ride journal. Thinking about joining us in 2021? Have a look at the AbB website.


Sectional Tours

Are you a rider who does not have the 33 days to ride across America in one event? America by Bicycle offers sections of all our long-distance tours. Most routes are 8-10 days, the perfect length for a shorter vacation. You can find descriptions and details for on all  our Sectional Tours on the AbB webite.