Day 6 - Natural Bridge to Roanoke VA

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 43

Climbing: 2550’

Weather: Low 70s to start. Low 90s to end. Sunny.


As predicted, more seasonable weather has returned. The air felt thicker than it has over the past couple of days. At one point, we even had a bit of fog. We’re hoping that doesn’t become a pattern especially on the Blue Ridge Parkway as it can cause a reroute. It’s beautiful up there but it’s just not safe if visibility is reduced because it’s socked in with fog. Cross your fingers and have clear skies thoughts for us starting tomorrow!

Our route started with a climb (surprise!) that took the riders right over the Natural Bridge. They had to take our word for it as fencing blocked off any view they could have had of Cedar Creek below us. A left and right over the Interstate brought them onto the frontage road that looked very much like a roller coaster. Big ups & big downs. But big ups & big downs that trended downward in overall elevation. Planned just right & using the appropriate gears, the momentum gathered going downhill took you most of the way back up the next hill. Woot woot!

The terrain mellowed out a bit and zig-zagged along Back Creek & over railroad tracks. If the map is right, we crossed over the same set of tracks 6 times. They were all in good condition and dry so no excitement there. Somewhere along the way, the tracks went up and the road didn’t. Bicyclists crossing under bridges? Photo op!

Today was a bit of a recovery day. Shorter mileage. A little less climbing. Riders definitely took it easy on route. I think pictures were taken even in places that took a bit more creativity to define the focus. With all that, we still made it into the hotel by noon. Tomorrow we head up to the Roanoke Star and eventually to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Muscles need to be stretched and legs need to be rested. Let’s call it a day.

2016Judy Clawson