Day 6 Easton, PA To Pottstown, PA 72 Miles

Weather: 69 F at the start, warming to 88 F with 40% humidity at 4 PM

Highlights: Today was a perfect day for a bike ride! Most of us would agree that EVERY DAY is a good day for a bike ride! (Just saying!!)

As we started the day, we headed out along the river, retracing the route from the end of yesterday’s ride. The river was so beautiful and the views were breath-taking. We had many “undulations” along the route. It was said that the climb just before first SAG today, was worse than the climb yesterday, in the Delaware Water Gap. We saw: farms, quaint older homes, beautiful gardens, small towns and plenty of “hills”! This group is getting stronger and more confident as we roll down the road daily. We continue to cross bridges with many opportunities to see the river and see people enjoying all types of water activities. It’s difficult to believe that we’ve been riding for almost a week.

Today was PERFECT! Even the trees seemed to smile as we rode past on this perfect day. Everyone is settling into a pace that is comfortable for them. We have small groups who ride together each day. We enjoy a daily “fashion show” of brightly colored jerseys. We’ve got laundry to get done, bikes to be cleaned and lubed. We are tired each day from the intense energy output. We look forward to eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. We also love stopping for SAG stops. Today, someone was wearing a shirt that said, “Eat, Ride, Sleep, REPEAT!” That pretty much describes our daily routine. On we ride, each day an experience in meeting personal goals, making new friends and enjoying the ride. 

2016Shane O'Leary