What’s the Deal?

July 2019


Multi-Sectional Discount

Are you considering more than one of our sectional tours? Register for at least two consecutive sectional tours within the same major tour, use the offer code MSEC19 and…

  • Pay full price for the first tour & receive $200 off each additional sectional tour

That’s a savings that can really add up!


Active Military Discount

America by Bicycle is proud to recognize and support active military personnel. We have participants from the newly enlisted all the way up to General. If you are active military, take advantage of our new discount when you register and use the offer code AMIL19. You’ll receive…

  • $200 off your final payment when you sign up for any of our major tours of 23 days or more.

  • $100 off your final payment when you sign up for any section of one of our major tours  (major tour = 23 days or longer).

Some Conditions Apply: Please contact the office directly to take advantage of the active military discount. Discount code must be entered when registering online. Discounts are applied to your final payment and are applicable only to 2019 tours. Only one discount allowed per tour.