Going the Distance

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May Flowers…

Brought to you by April showers. We hope Mother Nature has all that cold wet early Spring weather out of her system. There’s a lot of great riding to be enjoyed this month and we don’t want to get too soggy. But we’re outside and on tour - we cannot complain.

Have you picked your tour for the 2019 season? America by Bicycle has events running through October. The time is right to make a choice and come join us!

What’s Inside?

What’s Happening: Fast America Ride rolled into Albuquerque, New Mexico

What’s Coming Up: Great Lakes & West Coast regional tours

Engine Maintenance: Endurance trainer workouts

What’s the Deal: Multi-Section and Active Military Discounts

Stay in Touch: All the information you need to connect with AbB and our growing community of alumni riders


2019 Major Tour Dates

Fast America Ride
April 27 - May 30

Cross Country Challenge
June 01 - July 23

Across America North
June 23 - August 12

Great Lakes Tour
August 11 - August 26

Ride the West
September 7 - September 30

Maine Foliage Tour
October 06 - October 11

Fall Foliage Classic
October 12 - October 19

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