Going the Distance

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Summer is Here!

Ok, so it’s almost here if you go by the official calendar. Safe to say, it is June and America by Bicycle’s touring season is in full swing. Fast America Ride came to a successful conclusion. Cross Country Challenge has just started to roll. Across America North heads out the door in a couple of weeks. While those tours are closed, there’s still plenty of time to join one of our regional tours. How about Ride the West? This tour is still open for more riders and there’s lot of time to train.

What’s News in June?

What Have We Been Doing?  Fast America Ride

What’s Happening? Cross Country Challenge & Across America North

What’s Coming Up?  Ride the West

What’s the Deal? Multi-Section and Active Military Discounts

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2019 Major Tour Dates

Cross Country Challenge
June 01 - July 23

Across America North
June 23 - August 12

Ride the West
September 7 - September 30

Maine Foliage Tour
October 06 - October 11

Fall Foliage Classic
October 12 - October 19

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