Day 3 - St Francisville LA to Natchez MS

66 miles Mid 70's to upper 80's

The morning started on roads less taken. Past pastures of cows and horses, plantations and our first fields of corn and grain. We made our way back to highway 61 with long sweeping hills. Crossing our first state line we entered Mississippi. Most did it joyfully, except Keith, he kind of just threw himself over. There was a stop at Mammy's, because some things you can't resist, and we arrived in Natchez, on the river, complete with a steamboat. A trail runs down along the river as well as on street level, where historic mansions can be toured or walk a few blocks away from the river and tour Natchez Brewery. All enjoyed a PIGOUT before resting for our first long day.

2016Pam Shedd