Day 25 - Red Wing To Minneapolis MN

61 miles

Mid 50's to upper 60's

With our first good byes said, the only thing left to do is begin our lasts... Our last load... Our last ride... Construction made our exit a little tricky, but we made it in, we can get out. We are back on quiet roads in less than 10 miles. Past our last farms and barns to our last SAG. The last good byes begin. Our route leads us home on a bike path. Jeff Lazer, former AbB, GMRR ride Leader, and local resident, painted the course for us. The bike path is beautiful and extensive those arrows helped save a few rides. Joining Jeff today was Liz Walberg, also a local resident and GMRR album. Thank you both for helping to lead us to the finish. The 25 day journey comes to an end as we arrive at our last stop our final destination. Minneapolis, MN. The river actually continues a few hundred miles into Northern Minnesota where this great river begins as a trickle from Lake Itasca. Congratulations to our amazing cyclist, the 2016 Great Mississippi River Ride Riders.

2016Pam Shedd