Day 24 - La Crosse WI To Red Wing MN

103 miles

Mid 60's to 70's

The last long ride... There's always a little excitement, for our last long ride. Riders are stronger, and ready. Our last supper together is tonight, we start thinking of good-byes. Yet, there's so much to see and do. Construction kicked us off route first thing, but led us to a most enjoyable bike path taking us out of the city to joi the route at a quieter spot. Wride along the river most of the day The beginning of the ride is flat. We notice right away this section is working the river, with railroad tracks running along side and a series of locks and dams. The towns are spaced just right. Offering lots of opportunities to rest or grab a bite. We pass thru First SAG is brief, second SAG is beautiful, a roadside rest stop in the Trempealeau Wildlife Preserve, where we can see Winonas Sugar Loaf. One of the towns we pass thru is Pepin, home of Laura Ingals Wilder, author of Little House On The Prairie. The town offers lost of tourist opportunities including a museum. Today was not an easy century, we found ourselves just ahead of a storm. Unfortunately, not traveling in the same direction. Stiff winds are this afternoons challenge the climbing just offers better views. At least we didn't get wet.

2016Pam Shedd