Day 23 - Prairie Du Chien To LaCrosse WI

66 miles

Low 60's to 70's

Fog. We road in Fog. Now that was different. A cool mist as we traveled along the river. It cleared soon enough, revealing a blue sky, but the temperature stayed cool. The route kept us on the river most of the day. A recovery ride to get us ready for tomorrow's 100 miles. Without much navigation, the eyes watched the shoulder, some wide, some narrow, some smooth, some in disrepair. There were a few bonus miles up to the ridge, just to catch the view. It was great to be along the river. Frogs were singing... There were lots of birds even Bald Eagle sightings. We roll into LaCrosse, a bustling city, and make our way to the Best Western Riverfront. We enjoy live music and a sunset over the river.

2016Pam Shedd