Day 19 - Keokuk IA To Galesburg IL

94 miles

Upper 70's

Once again we left amid cloudy skies, quickly taking the bridge into Illinois. We road along the river enjoying the view. Turning away from the river we reach Navoo, a historic settlement overlooking the river. (Last night some enjoyed a carriage tour of the site.) The land opened up and it became one of those big sky days. The kind that make you feel small in the world. Our friend the wind returned, greeting us from the side. Cross, tail, cross, tail, with every turn. For some reason the tails were shorter than the cross, but with few headwinds, we had no complaints. We road on lots of chip seal. The good broken in kind, equal parts small gravely stuff and tar, so smoothish, with a few snap, crackle, pops. Hewes, one of our riders, visited Knox College, where his father attended, it was awesome hearing about his experience.

2016Pam Shedd