Day 11 - Ripley to Union City TN

70 miles

Low 50's to 60's Rainy

The good news is the wind calmed down, the bad news is we were cold and wet. We woke to the sound of rain... Lots of rain. As everyone huddled in the breakfast room each took a shot at weather forecasting. Would we have a rain delay? It looked like it might pass thru in just a few hours. 8 o'clock load was perfect. The rain stopped with time to spare. The clouds hung low and misty. Occasionally it drizzled, but the the rain had passed. The roads got a bit more bumpy and and fields seemed to stretch out just a bit more. We met more dogs, my favorite the puppies playing in a field, and saw quite a few donkeys as well as a few llamas. With little car traffic we were also able to enjoy the sounds of the birds.

2016Pam Shedd