Day 6 - Greenville to Clarksdale MS

82 miles

Low 60"s. low 80's

New items of clothing emerged as we hopped on bikes at 60 degrees. Jackets out in bright yellow and blue. It was that kind of morning... You know the kind...Four miles out of the hotel and there's a bridge out, so we have our first bike and hike, no big deal, we can handle that. Roll on. What's this? The road's been torn up? For how long? Send back up. Nothing kept Rick off the road though. He marched right thru. (Someone's going to need new cleats.) And how come it's always Mitch? "Is now a good time to tell her the trailer has a flat?" No Mitch It isn't. All before 10. On the bright side everything looked better after 10. Except the wind. We still had wind. Dinner at Atizimba Mexican Restaurant was a hit as was Reds Blues Club for a little after hours. Experiencing a bit of the local culture.

2016Pam Shedd