Day 5 - Vicksburg to Greenville MS

100 miles AKA a Century

Low 70's to mid 80's

We had an early start. With 100 miles in front of us there were a few anxious riders, ready to get the day started. The early start brought cooler temps and for the first time arm warmers. A couple of brief climbs descended us along the Yazoo River, a tributary of the Great Mississippi, and the road flattened out. Soon we cross the Yazoo and reach our first SAG, where we leave our arm warmers and enjoy stories of Teddy Roosevelt at the Onward Store. Rumors of unfavorable chip seal at the left onto Rte. 1, luckily did not materialize. (2 years of wear have done nicely.) Deer stands and fields of new crops kept us company as the miles tick on, unfortunately the wind started to pick up as well. The beautiful park setting made for the perfect resting spot. Stuart used his time to stretch his legs while Mitch enjoyed the big trees and shade so much I thought he might stay, but the miles ahead called his name... Or maybe that was the wind. Lake Washington offered some awesome photo ops, as we enjoyed a break the trees provided from the wind. Traveling back onto smooth highways has its down sides, no protection from the wind. And it found us, and greeted us right in our faces. Ugh! 20 miles from home. So we did what good cyclists do... One pedal stroke at a time.

2016Pam Shedd