Day 1 - Kenner to Gonzales LA


GMRR Day 1 Kenner to Gonzales, LA

Miles 64

Elevation  174'

Weather 72-89


Up onto the levee we hike, to shake out the nervous traveling legs. We regroup a short 8 miles up the road for a group picture at Destrahan Plantation, the oldest plantation home in the lower Mississippi Valley she brought us “white Gold” no, it’s not what I thought originally, it’s sugar. As everyone rides along the levee separating the the Great Mississippi River from residents along her banks, one can’t help but imagine how storms have brought their fury to the region. In fact today we road Day 1 Alt-route 1 due to high water. It added just a couple miles, but brought us threw a few towns. Work along the levee has improved the multi-use path inviting more runners and cyclists to enjoy the view. Due to the reroute we had anticipated lots of flats, so we were pleasantly surprised by just two. Together we are finding our rythmn and are looking forward to tomorrows ride.

2018Pam Shedd