Fall Foliage Classic Day 6 - Manchester NH to Sanford ME

Crew’s Log…

Distance: 64 miles

Climbing: 3800’

Weather: Clear sunny skies all day. Upper 30s to start. Upper 50s to end. Winds out of the SW (mostly).

Highlights of the day:

It was another gorgeous day. Chilly temperatures to start that were supposed to touch 60 but it never quite got there. We did have bright blue skies and a lighter, more favorable wind than yesterday. It was all good.

We started the day riding through Manchester. It was a little more city, more traffic and traffic signals, but after the first 8 miles we were back on quieter country roads.

There were homemade chocolate chip cookies at the SAG stop today. They were still warm. We love it when alumni come to visit us. The food isn’t necessary but we will politely say thank you. Thank you Fred!

The route featured more New Hampshire hills - some challenging climbs and some fast fun descents and many repeat rollers. Between the last two days, I think the riders’ legs got a good New England style workout. We caught glimpses of bright color along our route. It wasn’t exactly everywhere but we definitely enjoyed the occasional pop when it was there. We rolled into Sanford ME for the night. I don’t think there will be any issues sleeping. Tomorrow we ride to Portland ME for the last day of the tour. 

2018Judy Clawson