Fall Foliage Classic Day 5 - Salem to Manchester NH

Crew’s Log…

Distance: 48 miles

Climbing: 2800’

Weather: Upper 30s to start. Low 40s to end. Windy and sunny all day long.

Highlights of the day:

It was a cold start to the day. Temperatures in the upper 30s were quite nippy and we left bundled up against the cold. A local coffee shop (Benson’s Bakery Cafe & Bar in Hudson NH) was located around mile 15 and used for a quick warm up by some of the riders. Some tasty treats were also acquired to augment our SAG stop. Speaking of which, by the SAG stop the sun was starting to do its thing and we were able to leave some of our layers at the van. This is New Hampshire and it is late October.

The colors are starting to peak out from around the corner. It isn’t everywhere but we are now starting to see occasional red maple leaves. Most are trying come out but are staying in yellow to orange range. The riders could care less! They are enjoying the views and loving what New England in the fall of 2018 has to offer.

The hills today allowed us to slow down and enjoy the scenery all the more. We have headed inland and into New Hampshire hills. Some steep with lots of repeats. Over all there was no more vertical climb than what we experienced over the past couple of days but most of that up was contained in two early in the day and one substantial 2-mile climb just 10 miles from the end of the route. If I am to believe our Garmins, we touched some double digits along the way. The riders are commenting that they are tired. I think I know why!

Our SAG stop was the Veterans Memorial Park on Naticook Lake. Trees + Water = Photo Ops. We rode into Manchester this afternoon. Ate Thai food for dinner. Thanked Mother Nature for another beautiful day. And then called it day.

2018Judy Clawson