Fall Foliage Classic Day 4 - Amesbury MA to Salem NH

Distance: 36 miles

Climbing: 1400’

Weather: Threatening to start then bright & sunny. Upper 40s to start. Mid 50s to end. Winds out of the WSW.

Highlights of the day:

The skies looked a bit ominous this morning but it was all show and no rain. The 50% chance went in our favor and we were ok with that. We had sun with some clouds all day long. Winds weren’t exactly favorable again but with the trees providing color and wind block, we didn’t seem to mind. 

We spent one night in Massachusetts and then promptly rode back into New Hampshire first thing this morning. On our way out of the state, we spent a little more time along the Merrimack River. It was just as pretty heading back out the way we came in yesterday. The scenery along the water was beautiful and we drank it all in on relatively quiet roads with very little traffic.

A right turn at the corner of River & Main, we worked our way up, literally, through Haverhill (that’s pronounced HAY-vrul for you non-New Englandahs) to the America by Bicycle office. Our SAG stop was at the home office today. It’s the only time during the entire season that we a bring a tour through the office. The riders got a chance to meet the faces behind the voices on the phone. The office staff got a chance to meet the riders. Donuts & apples consumed, last night’s Red Sox game discussed and we headed out.

On the last stretch of the day, we stopped at the American Stonehenge. While the validity of all the details is up for discussion, here’s the story we heard. It is an area with stone structures built over 4000 years ago by ancient Native American or ancient migrant Europeans, archeologists are not certain. Some claim it was a farmer in the late 1800s. They do know that the people who did the constructing were well versed in astronomy and stone construction. It gave the riders a chance to walk in the woods and view potentially ancient ruins. Not something we do all that often in the US, viewing potentially ancient ruins. Back on the bikes for a few more miles through the town of Salem NH, we reached our lodgings for the night and some good Tex-Mex for dinner.

2018Judy Clawson