Fall Foliage Classic Day 2 - Old Orchard Beach ME to Portsmouth NH

Crew’s Log…

Distance: 58 miles

Climbing: 2300’

Weather: Mostly cloudy. Upper 30s to start. Low 50s to end. Clear to start. Rain to end. Winds out of the south.

Highlights of the day:

We left early today in an attempt to beat the rain (more on that later) and stopped on route for breakfast. The ride to our meal was quite invigorating as it was only in the mid-30s. Wicked crisp would be an appropriate description. We warmed up on coffee, blueberry pancakes, omelets and other goodies. Filled with food & hot coffee, we headed south towards New Hampshire and hugged the Maine coast as much as the roads allowed. Porpoise Cove. Kennebunkport. Ogunquit. York Beach. All slightly different and all just beautiful.

Porpoise Cove is all about lobster and small New England houses. Kennebunkport is all about the mansions and the Bush Family Compound. Ogunquit has lots of Halloween decorations. York Beach has lots of tourist shops & arcades on one side with a long sandy beach on the other. It also has the Nubble Light House, which apparently is under construction as it’s surrounded by scaffolding. Bummer… It was still pretty albeit wet.

So about that rain we were trying to beat. We didn’t. About 5 miles out of the SAG stop it started. It wasn’t a hard rain but it was definitely enough to get all of us quite wet. It was classic New England coastal fall weather - rainy and gray. It may sound like I’m stretching it a bit but it has a beauty of its own. Seriously. Perhaps it would have been more enjoyable seated in front of a fire with a warm drink in hand?

We crossed into New Hampshire over the Piscataqua River into the heart of downtown Portsmouth right about the time the rain let up. That worked out quite nicely for the obligatory photos with the seasonal pumpkin head scarecrows. We made our very own headless scarecrows in the hotel room, hanging raincoats and pants to dry. Hopefully we won’t need them tomorrow.

2018Judy Clawson