Fall Foliage Classic Day 0 - Portland ME

Day 0: Opening Day

Crew’s Log…

It’s time to start AbB’s final tour of the season, the Fall Foliage Classic. This is a 7-day tour through 3 New England states. We start in Portland ME and work our way down the coast through Portsmouth NH on our way to Amesbury MA. Our ride through Massachusetts is very brief as we head back up through Salem and Manchester NH on our return to Portland. We’ll spend time along the coast, enjoy some longer hills on the interior, and view fall colors all along the way. The reds, oranges and yellows are here. May the photos do them justice.

We met with our riders this afternoon - finished registration, safety checks, and orientation. Our first group dinner ended the day. This group is excited to get rolling. Tomorrow is a day for lighthouses, seacoasts, and seafood!

2018Judy Clawson