Maine Foliage Day 3 - Augusta to Rockland ME

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 45 miles

Climbing: 2300’

Weather: Bright and sunny. Upper 60s to start. Upper 70s to end.

Highlights of the day:

It was another great day for a bike ride. Blue skies and more foliage colors popping up around us. It was just beautiful. The temperatures continue to be higher than normal. Even the locals are confused. Tank tops have all been put away for the season and now we’re back up near 80. What the heck are they supposed to wear?? 🤔 It sounds like this won’t last long. A cold front is blowing in from the north and temps will drop pretty quickly this evening. With every good cold front, there is generally unsettled and wet weather. We are all trying really hard to be in the now but tomorrow doesn’t look nearly as nice as we’ve had. That’s tomorrow, we’ll tackle that when it comes.

Today’s route quickly worked its way to Rte 17 E and we followed it all the way to Rockland. It’s a little busier than the country roads we were on yesterday but with a nice wide shoulder and some stretches of really smooth pavement, it provided a pleasant way to get us back to the coast and seafood. There were hills. We did climb. But nothing like yesterday. By the numbers, we climbed 300 feet more than yesterday. However, one needs to factor in ZERO double digit grades and some rollers timed well such that riders could get enough speed going downhill to make it most of the next climb. It was a shorter, faster day with more mileage. We like!! 

Our destination is a hotel right on the water and in the middle of the town of Rockland. Lots of shops (one of bikes, of course!). Things to eat. Places to explore. The day ended with walks along the shore and dinner on the water front. One could get used to this kind of work. :)

2018Judy Clawson