Maine Foliage Tour Day 1 - Portland to Auburn ME

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 37 miles

Climbing: 2000’

Weather: Rainy. 60s to start. Low 70s to end.

Highlights of the day:

It was definitely wet today. We started out with a light mist this morning and it held until our one SAG stop. After that, it opened up on us. It really wasn’t that bad because the temperatures were so moderate for this time of year. As I said yesterday, wet and low 70s is doable. Fog set in right about the time we reached our orchard of the day. Fortunately it wasn’t terribly thick. It made for some fun “art” pictures. Hope they turn out! Rain stopped completely by the time we reached the hotel. Looks like that will be short-lived. That’s ok. We’ll drive to dinner!

We rolled out at the very relaxed hour of 9:30 am on our first day of the tour. After working our way through the start of the work week in the outskirts of South Portland, the traffic subsided and we were left mostly on our own to enjoy the quieter back roads of small town Maine. The hilly quieter back roads of small town Maine. Nothing terribly long but many little kickers to remind us that in this part of New England it’s up or not up, there is no flat.

It’s fall, so we’re looking for foliage colors and orchards. We seem to be syncing nicely with Mother Nature. It’s not peak color yet but the reds are starting to pop. I think we’ll have lots more to come this week. We stopped at an orchard, Thompson’s Orchards in New Gloucester. It’s near the top of the very aptly named Gloucester Hill Rd. We supported the local economy by tasting apple cider donuts, hot apple cider, and stocking up on apples. I think we earned it with today’s climbing! 9 more miles of rollers with several kickers to keep us our legs working and we rolled into Auburn.

2017Judy Clawson