Maine Foliage Tour Day 0 - Portland ME

Crew’s Log---

It’s Opening Day of the Maine Fall Foliage Tour. Five days enjoying the beautiful fall colors of Maine. We start in Portland and work our way up into Augusta, the state capitol. We then head back east to Rockport to head down the coast back to Portland. Hills, waterways, coastal views – all accented with the warm colors of fall. 

If current forecasts are correct, we might get a little wet tomorrow but it shouldn’t be too bad with the moderate temperatures. 70s and wet? Not ideal but certainly better than 50s. We’ll take it. Crossing fingers that the promise of sunny days to follow holds true. It could make for some really nice color!

Staff snuck in a ride around Portland before the riders arrives and before the rain started to fall! It was back to work, though, right after lunch. Bikes checked, riders oriented and then we capped the day off with our first group dinner. Time to sleep and be ready to ride on the morrow. 

2017Judy Clawson