Fall Foliage Classic Day 7 - Sanford to Portland ME

Crew’s Log…

Distance: 42 miles

Climbing: 1500’

Weather: Lower 50s to start. Upper 60s to end. Sunny all day long.

Highlights of the day:

We rolled out early to grab breakfast on the road. It was clear, not a cloud in the sky. This time of year, it usually means cold. It wasn’t. It continues to oddly temperate. It was upper 40s when we rolled to breakfast. After sandwiches, donuts and coffee, the sun had done its job and we headed out with temperatures venturing into the 50s. It was lovely.

It was our last day on the road for this tour. We had more Maine rollers to start and then a little more downhill towards the coast to flatter (emphasis on the –er) terrain. The leaves were out in the full color and we continued to ooh and aah for the ride into the hotel. We arrived back in Portland just before noon. Luggage distributed and hugs all around, the 2017 Fall Foliage Classic is complete.

This was a great way to end AbB’s 2017 cycling season. Fun Cyclists.  Amazing weather. Great scenery. A challenging climb or two. Good food. Good conversation. We look forward another great season in 2018 and hope to see you with us on the road soon.

2017Judy Clawson