Fall Foliage Classic Day 3 - Portsmouth NH to Amesbury MA

Crew’s Log…

Distance: 48 miles

Climbing: 1400’

Weather: Beautiful sunny fall day. Low 40s to start. Upper 50s to end. Light winds out of the south.

Highlights of the day:

It felt like fall first thing this morning. It’s the coldest we’ve had for the past 2 weeks. We hopped in the van to go to breakfast and the temperature had yet to make it into the mid 30s. It is fall and that means early morning cool temps come up quickly as the sun does its job. We rolled 2 hours later with a few less layers on and temps nearing 50. 

We had light to moderate winds all day that we can’t remember being much of an issue. There wasn’t a cloud in the bright blue skies. It was another beautiful day to be on the bicycle. And, no, I will not get tired of typing that sentence in this ride journal if this weather pattern continues to hold.

Our route took us along the full length of New Hampshire’s Atlantic coastline, all 23-ish miles of it. Thanks to one of our riders, we have discovered a little island or spit of land (depending on the tide) that is covered with cairns. Perhaps not official cairns but it’s covered in human-made piles of rocks. Of course, we had to explore it, take pictures and add our own stack of rocks.

We waved as we went by Wallis Sands Beach (famous in AbB circles as the end point for two of our cross country tours).  We enjoyed blueberry pie at our SAG stop in Hampton Beach State Park and then headed down into Massachusetts, crossing over the Merrimack River into Newburyport.

The end of today’s route went down one side of the Merrimack River, over a bridge and back up the other side into town. The color along the river isn’t quite popping yet but we enjoyed taking it all in on gently rolling, nicely paved roads with the river as an added feature in the backdrop. Miles completed, pictures taken, we headed to our hotel in Amesbury. Let’s do it again tomorrow!

2017Judy Clawson