Fall Foliage Classic Day 2 - Old Orchard Beach ME to Portsmouth NH

Crew’s Log…

Distance: 58 miles

Climbing: 2300’

Weather: Mostly cloudy. Upper 50s to start. Low 50s to end. Yes, it was a bit backwards. Winds mostly out of the north.

Highlights of the day:

We left early today and stopped on route for breakfast. Filled with food & hot coffee, we headed south towards New Hampshire and hugged the Maine coast as much as the roads allowed. Porpoise Cove. Kennebunkport. York Beach. All slightly different and all just beautiful. 

Porpoise Cove is all about lobster and small New England houses. Kennebunkport is all about the mansions and the Bush Family Compound. York Beach has lots of tourist shops & arcades on one side with a long sandy beach on the other. We did take a side trip in York Beach out to Nubble Light House. The full New England treatment - beautiful view with rocks, water, light house and a local volunteer who took pictures & told stories in a very local accent. Wicked cool!

We crossed into New Hampshire over the Piscataqua River into the heart of downtown Portsmouth. Some of us were held up at the bridge as a sail boat was coming in and a fishing boat was heading out to sea. While not unique and probably one of the “joys” of commuting for the locals, we enjoyed it and took the extra time to check out Portsmouth’s waterfront. Downtown Portsmouth features lots of red brick walks & buildings, white spires, and pumpkin headed scarecrows. We went there for dinner and had fun getting a couple of pictures with the seasonal decorations. Our dinner was at the Portsmouth Brewery. Good food, good beer and cool bike jerseys. It’s quite the combination!

2017Judy Clawson