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May 2019

Endurance Trainer Workouts

When time or weather keep you from riding outdoors jump onto that trainer. Riding with purpose will have you in top shape. I went straight to the pros for these two workouts, while just about an hour long each address endurance and get those legs ready for your next multi day event.  

Carmichael Training Systems suggests SteadyState/ClimbingRepeats. Take it from me, it gets the job done creating your foundation. The intervals are long and steady. Work through these intervals with a consistent effort.

Quick definitions:

ClimbingRepeats: Intensity of 8 or 9 out of 10 in terms of effort with a cadence of 70-85 rpm.
SteadyState: Intensity of 7 or 8 out of 10 with a cadence of 90-95 rpm.


10 minute Warm-up 
4x3 minute ClimbingRepeats, 3 minute effort with 3 minute easy spinning recovery
4 minute Easy spin
4x8 minute SteadyState, 8 minute effort with 4 minute easy spinning recovery
5-10 minute Cool down

Bicycling Magazine’s Selene Yeager offers a pyramid option. Pyramid workouts help keep the mind focused as well as working the body. There are many variations. Here are the basics. Start with gradually increasing periods of effort followed by gradually decreasing periods - up & down like a pyramid.


10 minute Warm-up 
First ascend: 1 minute hard 1 minute easy, 2 hard 2 easy, 3 hard 3 easy, 4 hard 4 easy 
Then descend: 3 minute hard 3 minute easy, 2 hard 2 easy, 1 hard 1 easy
5-10 minute cool down


Gradually increase the load while maintaining interval time. Find a comfortable steady cadence during your warm up. Add a gear every 2 minutes until you reach the end of your cassette and then reverse dropping a gear every 2 minutes. Keep your cadence steady and repeat.

Pam 1.jpg

Motivation: Having work to focus on helps the time go by, giving your ride purpose. If you have a hard time staying focused, try listening to music with a beat to match your ideal cadence. Streaming grand stage racing adds a bump to my pedal stroke. There are also subscriptions available that will direct the ride for you like Peloton, PainCave, or Zwift. Zwift will place you as an avatar riding through real and imaginary places. You can meet others in this virtual world, perhaps even America by Bicycle alumni and staff.

Friendly reminder, recovery is equally important. Be sure to include recovery in your training schedule. Planning your recovery will keep you strong into your next ride. See you on the road!