Day 2 - Vallejo to Sacramento

A Sunny California Day

Distance: 66 miles

Climb: 860'

Weather: Warm, but not hot, with a tailwind most of the way

   We started today's ride directly across from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, even closer than last year's location. Hopefully, next year, we'll be INSIDE the park. The start of the ride saw us navigating American Canyon Road for the first, and only, real climbing of the day. Our riders were moving briskly due to the nice tailwind and quickly found themselves in an industrial park which contained the Jelly Belly factory, which is where we had our SAG stop. Some of our cyclists picked up Jelly Belly jerseys and t-shirts, while others just enjoyed the chance to rest and stretch their legs.

    Solano county is a hub for disbursing the large variety of crops grown in towns like Dixon and Batavia.  We took a winding route through the farmlands, past Travis Air Force Base, then into Dixon, where we had our second sag stop at their Chamber of Commerce. Once again, just like last year, we had fresh strawberries for our riders to enjoy, and the weather was still great.

    After leaving Dixon, we made our way toward the campus of UC Davis, where farmland gave way to lecture halls. What just a few minutes ago were straight country roads were winding sidewalk lined suburban paths linking buildings, dotted with roundabouts. A few riders took advantage of the In-N-Out on Olive located down the road from the bike path that would take them into Sacramento.

   There were a few bugs to work out today, but we fixed most of our issues besides Jeff's bottom bracket before the ride into Auburn. Just like last year, ex staff member Andy joined us for dinner at New Blue Sky, and we ate fresh Chinese food, family-style. We can only hope for great weather again tomorrow and try to get some extra rest for the long climb ahead. 

2018Alex Sahli