Day 23 - Lamar CO to Garden City KS

Welcome To The Plains

Mileage: 104 miles

Total Climbing: 1,000 feet

Weather: Hot all day, not much wind.

As mentioned yesterday, for every normal day, we have a day of really strange weather. Conversely, for every day of weird weather, we also have a very pleasant, very uneventful day. This was thankfully one of those days. After a 120 mile day with punishing headwinds they needed another break, and, luckily for them, today was still long, yet much more straightforward than yesterday. As we made our way into Kansas, a group of classic cars that had been in Pueblo or a car meet streamed by, giving them their own private show.

Our first SAG stop was in a nice shaded rest area below the road we were traveling on, where a few muscle car owners stopped for a breather as well. The weather was still pleasant and everyone was in high spirits despite the crushing day they had just yesterday. On the way out of the rest area, they were reminded that the Kansas state line was less than ten miles away and that they would have a good photo opportunity with the ‘Welcome to Kansas’ sign. 

After a few more small towns and many farms later, we came to another stop next to a golf course and a baseball field. The weather was still nice with a slight tailwind, and the group was pretty close together time-wise as well. They enjoyed the shade as the staff told them how hot it usually would be on that day compared to the mild weather they were experiencing. This culminated with a ride past the Tyson chicken plant, where we told our riders to be wary of the changing shifts as the workers may not be paying much attention to their presence road as they are to getting home or to work on time.

As always, our hotel in Garden City was well prepared for our arrival, with cold, wet towels, cold water bottles, and cold sliced oranges for us to eat. They also had flyers for a local bike shop that was having a liquidation sale as they were going out of business, which would have been slightly more useful if the bike shop had been open that day. All-in-all, today was pretty uneventful, but in the way that going smoothly means going well, and we had finally made it into Kansas successfully. Welcome to the plains!

2017Alex Sahli