Day 33 - Kirksville MO to Quincy IL

Over the Mississippi

Mileage: 90 miles

Total Climb: 3220 feet

Weather: Warm to start, getting hotter as the day progressed.

Yesterday’s ride had a lot of hills, and today’s would be no different. You can count on one thing while riding in Missouri: there will be more hills. Luckily, after today, we would no longer be in Missouri. The first part of today’s ride was, once again, through farmland. Only occasionally did you pass through a small town like Clay, or Adair, which seemed to just be a stop to make sure you would be able to find fuel while trying to reach a final destination. Some places, however, seemed to be trying to rebuild what little they had into something bigger.

One of these places would be the town where our first SAG stop was located. Its called Edina, and in the past year a few barns seemed to have been erected where there used to be a totally empty lot. The IDK Cafe was across the street from our stop, and some riders took the opportunity to get sandwiches and gatorade from them. The locals were all gathered there watching us, and talking amongst themselves about our bicycles and how far we were riding, as well as our funny looking outfits.

We got back on the road, and on our way passed a very old cemetery which looked to have headstones and grave markers going back to the early 1800’s. We also rode past a place called Williamstown where the only real notable things were two soda machines, one of which was still 50 cents, but only took coins. Eventually, we would get to our second SAG, where we would be given a detour due to a bridge that was out. It still brought us over to the same place, but it sent us in almost the opposite direction, and strangely didn’t really add any mileage.

After our detour, we were back on route and crossing the Mississippi River, which also put us over the Missouri/Illinois border. The bridge over the river put them directly onto Maine street, which also seemed to be the main drag for the city center. There was such beautiful architecture that one of our support staff planned on a trip back to the area to walk around after dinner. We’re finally out of Missouri, even though it was a few short days, and tomorrow we’re headed to the capital, Springfield!

2017Alex Sahli