Day 50 - Latham NY to Brattleboro NY

Our Last Summit

Mileage: 79 miles

Total Climb: 3,690 feet

Weather: Warm and clear all day.

As we set off to yet another state, we had another pretty day starting to unfold in front of us. Our first leg would take us back into the mountains. We would first cross a bridge that brought us across the Hudson River. There would be a climb through the city of Troy and up into the woods once again. The closer we got to Vermont, the steeper and longer the climbs seemed to get. After passing the sign that let them know they had crossed into a new state, we would continue to make our way up through the forest and back towards the Atlantic. 

After some new, steep climbs, our riders would reach our first SAG stop for the day, just a few miles over the border of Vermont and close to our next, much larger climb. Fortunately, we had alumni give us some brownies to motivate our cyclists for the next stretch. After leaving this stop, we would go through Bennington, which had a very large, nice looking church on the main road that we go down. The end of this town would mark the beginning of a long ascent, which would then in turn descend into the town of Wilmington, where we had set up our second rest stop at a post office.

Even though the post office was closed on Sunday, they had plenty of people in and out dropping off mail while we replenished our riders and encouraged them for the next climb up Hogback Mountain. Some riders chose to stop in town for coffee, while others thought they would rather tackle the climb before they would reward themselves. Soon after departing Wilmington, the climbing starts. It isn’t a very long uphill, but after a few miles you start to descend and will do so almost all the way into Brattleboro. Once in the town of Brattleboro itself, our riders were able to look at the waterway cafes and restaurants that line downtown before making their way out to the hotel where we did our T shirt swap and had a pizza and pasta dinner together. There are only TWO more days left, and ONE more state! Tomorrow, Manchester, NEW HAMPSHIRE!

2017Alex Sahli