Day 48 - Liverpool to Little Falls NY

Town on a Hill

Mileage: 79 miles

Total Climb: 3,534 feet

Weather: Dry, not very hot all day.

Last night there were scattered rain storms and we were worried about if that would also mean thunder for us. Luckily by the morning everything had seemed to clear up, so we carried on with our normal routine of loading and beginning the route. Today’s ride would take us through a little more of New York’s farmland and finally bring us up toward the Mohawk River. The road to Little Falls would take the riders through some small towns and up to the smallest chapel in the US, which is located in the middle of a pond thats starting to look more like a swamp. Soon after passing this tiny chapel, we would come to our SAG stop in a service station before making the ride toward Whitesboro and Utica.

There is a decent amount of climbing today, and those mostly consist of slow rollers and descents to match. When our riders reached Whitesboro, however, they were treated to a nice steep drop past a shopping center and then down the main drag of town. We waited there for the cyclists at a driving range that was glad to have us. Some stopped for BBQ in town, but most riders just moved straight on to the hotel. Their day was going very well and they wanted to hold onto that momentum.

When our riders made it to Little Falls, they were treated to a hotel happy hour that consisted of beer, wine, cheese, crackers, fried mushrooms, scallops, pizza, and soda. Almost everyone made it just as it started, except Ian, who was asleep in a chair in the lobby. Another good meal and we’re ready for tomorrow’s ride along the Mohawk and out to Latham!

2017Alex Sahli