Day 47 - Little Falls to Latham NY

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 74 miles

Climbing: 2100’

Weather: Mid 60s to start. 80 to end. Winds out of the west.

Highlights of the day:

It was another one of those days that the riders talked about how it couldn’t get much better being on a bike. Sunny skies. Moderate temperatures. No rain. Oh and a tailwind. Spoiled, they are. Thankful, that are as well.

We started the day heading over to the south shore of the Mohawk River and climbing up to the top of a ridge. The views from the top of the river and valley below were well worth the effort. We were also rewarded with a fun descent back down into the valley. The route then spent most of the day on rolling hills along the Erie Canal and the Mohawk River. We’re not quite into the Adirondacks but bumps to our left & right seemed to indicate that we’re getting closer to the eastern mountains.

Our first SAG stop was at Karen’s Produce and Ice Cream. We were there too early so no ice cream was consumed. 🙁 However, there was that fudge from Joan. Did someone say sugar buzz? 😋 We had a second food stop du jour at Jumpin’ Jacks Drive-In. It is an old fashioned drive-in that has great burgers, hot dogs, clam rolls, fries, and all kinds of ice cream based drinks. It seemed to be today’s lunch stop. Fed, it was time to get back on the bike path.

Our route into Latham took us along another very nice bike path. We rode it into and out of the 2nd SAG. It was beautiful and quiet along the Mohawk River for most of the last half of the ride. Tree lined. Views of the canal or river. More locks. We got a few peeks at the peaks that will be challenging us tomorrow. Time to rest up for the Green Mountains.

2019Judy Clawson