Day 46 - Syracuse to Little Falls NY

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 78 miles

Climbing: 1610’

Weather: Mid 60s to start. Low 80s to end. High humidity. Winds out of the WSW. 

Highlights of the day:

Our 2 year streak of no rain into Little Falls has ended. It ended with a whimper more than a roar. We had pop up showers at the end of the day. Some of the riders got wet from rain. Others just got wet from the road. All were wet just enough to need to clean the bikes again and re-lube the chains. Welcome to Little Falls! The rest of the day was nice - a little humid but cool(er) temperatures with light winds that were mostly in our favor. Again, I won’t apologize if repeating the same weather day after day is getting boring. 😛

Today started on roads through Liverpool and other suburbs of Syracuse. It was more traffic and traffic lights than we’ve seen all tour. After an unofficial count of 28 traffic lights, we made it out of town and on to quieter roads with fewer signals. Our route followed the Erie Canal & Mohawk River for most of the day and then took a parallel route along the NY Throughway. We’ll have more opportunities tomorrow to get a little more up close and personal with more locks along the waterway.

A different tourist attraction today was The World’s Smallest Church. It was built back in 1989. It seats two people. It sits in the middle of a small pond covered in algae. You might ask yourself, as I did, why one would build a church that seats two people in the middle of the pond. I am still in search of the answer.

At first SAG we were greeted by an alumna who drives 2 hours (each way) to come visit just about every year. She was on the road by 6:30 so she could say hi and deliver some amazing cookies. It’s alway so nice to catch up with Joan. Her enthusiasm about her rides with us has never faded. Her cookies are always a big hit. Thanks for stopping by Joan! Be well and keep in touch.

An exciting tradition here in Little Falls is the last laundromat and potentially the last load of laundry of the tour. It’s right across the street. It has lots of machines. We get in early enough that many of the riders take advantage of the location to do one last load of laundry. We can’t quite smell the ocean but we can tell we’re getting close when we celebrate the last day of laundry.

We have a reception, courtesy of our hotel here in Little Falls, a dinner, and rap to go before the end of the day. Then it’s only 4 more riding days until we dip wheels in the Atlantic. It’s the 🙂 and 🙁 part of the tour. Excited to see the end approaching but also not wanting it to end. Perhaps that’s why staff members keep coming back year after year.

2019Judy Clawson