Day 44 - Niagara Falls to Rochester NY

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 103 miles

Climbing: 1700’

Weather: Mid 60s to start. Low 80s in the middle. Low 70s to end. Winds out of the WSW.

Highlights of the day:

We got a little wet today. It seems like it’s been weeks since we had our last rain event. I don’t think we can complain at all. Remind me of that tomorrow, please? The humidity is going up. We are in upstate New York. It means it’s time for pop up thunderstorms. Not much electricity today but we did get some strong winds (at our back, thank you very much) and some rain. The temperatures that had climbed into the 80s dropped significantly. We did not kvetch about that one at all. Riders came into the hotel with slightly soggy and rather dirty bikes. We told them to just knock off the big chunks so they were clean enough to bring into the hotel and make sure their chains were still lubricated. It’s not worth doing a full clean with tomorrow’s forecast of steady rain for most of the morning. We often check multiple sites for forecasts, especially on days when the predicted weather isn’t in our favor. I checked Weather Channel, Dark Skies and Weather Underground. I couldn’t get any of them to skew towards dry. I think we’re going to get wet again. But that’s tomorrow. How about today??

We headed north out of Niagara Falls towards Fort Niagara State Park. We followed the Niagara River and occasionally were able to see it. We rolled through Lewiston, Stella Niagara, and Youngstown - quiet riverside towns with some big homes. Passing by Fort Niagara, we headed east and followed the coast of Lake Ontario. We saw a little more of Lake Ontario, especially at our first two SAG stops. Both were in parks that were right on the lake front.

After SAG we headed a little more south east towards Rochester. We left the lake views for a stretch of two-lane highway. Not quite as scenic but it did have a really nice wide shoulder and some new pavement as well. The last miles of the day were on the Erie Canal Trail (aka ECT). It’s paved on this section and with the exception of some rather significant frost or root heaves, it was a nice way to wend our way through Rochester to our hotel.

2019Judy Clawson