Day 36 - Manitowoc WI to Ludington MI

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 7 miles

Weather: Mostly sunny. Temps in the mid 70s.

Highlights of the day:

Today was our off day with a twist. We spent 4 hours on a boat, The Badger, crossing Lake Michigan. It’s an old coal-fired steam drive ferry with some kind of ash reclamation system to be more ecological. Riders spent a lot of time napping, eating, playing bingo or just relaxing. The staff did much of the same. Big ship, more fun!!!

As one who grew up very near this lake, I am often surprised at the number of people who are shocked that this lake is large enough that one cannot see the shore on the other side. Some riders are confused at the idea of taking 4 hours to cross the lake by boat. It’s big! Or rather it is indeed a Great Lake.

We arrived in Ludington at what our bodies thought was 6:00pm. Unfortunately, we cross into the last time zone of the tour, stealing an hour away from us. 😬 Tomorrow morning is going to rather early. Best to just stop thinking about the time change and accept the fact that it is after 10:00pm (gulp!). The good thing is we crossed our 6th border into our 7th state, Michigan. Time for a quick dinner and quick to bed as we get up early to do a little 112 mile ride tomorrow. Sleep well! Sleep fast!

2019Judy Clawson