Day 34 - Mauston to Fond du Lac WI

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 95 miles

Climbing: 2700’

Weather: Low 60s to start. Mid 80s to end. Winds mostly out of the WSW.

Highlights of the day: 

No clouds today. No rain today. Warmer temperatures with winds mostly at our backs.

Today we rolled on into more farmland for most of our ride. Rolling hills covered in corn, soybeans, and something that I think might have been clover or thyme but I’m not sure. It was simply beautiful and had that great herby smell too. We also saw & heard more Sandhill Cranes. We rode mostly on small two-lane roads with very little traffic, most of which was farm equipment. It was an enjoyable way to spend a day on a bicycle.

A key feature today was the American Legion Brat Fry! We’re in Wisconsin. They were grilling brats. We had no choice. Starting around 10:15 in the morning, riders stopped to feast on bratwurst with all the fixings. A little soul food, Wisconsin style, boiled in beer and grilled to perfection. Riding is about the food and enjoying local cuisine along the way. We couldn’t miss one in Princeton WI. It has been designated at the Best Brat Fry in Wisconsin. How much better could you get?! Quick note - the name confused or concerned one of our riders. Fried brats? Rest assured that no brats were deep fried. Doing a little research on the internet (so it must be true!), I found an article about the Bratwurst Festival Day in Sheboygan. In Sheboygan (a Wisconsin town renowned for its bratwurst), the grill on which one does the final cooking of a brat is called a “fryer.” Cooking bratwurst on said device is called “frying out” or having a “fry out.” I’m going to take a leap here and make the conclusion that this is why we were at something called a Brat Fry today. Whatever you call it, it was delicious!

Time for another quick LOTR reference. You might surmise based on some of my descriptions of meals, snacks, and other opportunities to consume food that we cyclists on long distance tours eat like hobbitses. It’s true. We wake to an early breakfast. Then often have a second breakfast, followed by elevenses, and luncheon. Post ride brings us to afternoon tea, dinner, and supper. Sleep and do it all again. It all fits.

Second SAG was at a Subway (yes, more food) and then the riders rolled on into Fond du Lac. Time for dinner, rap, and (most importantly) the post-dinner t-shirt swap!

2019Judy Clawson