Day 25 - Murdo to Chamberlain SD

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 73 miles

Climbing: 1900’

Weather: Upper 60s to start. Low 90s to end. Winds out of the east. And humid. Yup, it’s found us.

Highlights of the day:

Today we were back on the frontage road for all but the last 12 miles. Our vista included soy, corn, lots of hay bales, and a few cows. Our soundtrack included birdsong from some meadowlarks and something that sounded like a dog’s squeaky chew toy. The later was decidedly territorial and didn’t like us riding along or near its domain. There were several of these distributed along the route. I’ll have to do some research to figure out what kind of bird that was. We did hear some frogs as well and saw way too many unfortunate little ones who hopped onto the paved road. On a happier note, I heard some very large hawks were seen.

The road stretched out in front of us for miles. From the top of one hill, we saw the many more to yet to be enjoyed. These hills were much calmer than even those we rode on yesterday. They still made an impact, especially when the heat began to creep up. We are dropping in elevation. (Although the riders might take exception to that idea with all the hills they’ve climbed, but I digress…) As a result, the air is getting a little thicker and phrases like “heat index” and “relative humidity” are cropping up in conversation. It’s a good thing we have some short(er) days going into Sioux Falls. Leave early(er) and get in early(er) before it really starts to heat up. In between, make sure water bottles are topped off and perhaps some ice added to the mix. Rumor has it that we’ll be back in the upper 70s (?!? 😮 ?!?) when we leave Sioux Falls. We won’t count on anything or look ahead too far. We need to enjoy the now. Ohmmmm…

Time to rest up. There are lots of non-cycling specific attraction are on our list of things to enjoy on our day to Mitchell. Details tomorrow. G’nite!

2019Judy Clawson