Day 17 - Dubois to Riverton WY

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 79 miles

Climbing: 1250’

Weather: Low 40s to start. Low 80s to end. Winds were at our backs to start the day. They became a little less friendly as we approached Riverton.

Highlights of the day:

After two challenging days with significant climbing, today’s route was primarily downhill. We had to lose 2000’ in elevation and the riders seemed to enjoy it. Downhill with a tailwind, we flew into the first SAG stop with a few stops to take pictures (see below) and fix a flat or two. We ate and watered and then spun easily into the second SAG stop. We rode the last stretch into the hotel with winds attempting to come around to the east but with the downhill, it wasn’t much of an issue. Everyone arrived in Riverton with smiles on their faces. Moderate temperatures, moderate winds, and no thunderstorms??? I’m pretty sure it’s Riverton. 🙂

The landscape has been changing rapidly over the past few days. Towering mountains with tall pines have given way to rolling hills covered with sage. Today’s vistas started with what appear to be sedimentary hills. Lots of layers on buttes and hills. Ten miles down the road, it changed to red rock. Bright red rock. The pictures either look surreal or don’t do them justice. Eventually, the scenery calmed down to what we will be seeing lots of over the next several days. Wide open high desert vistas with sage brush, tumble weeds, and a small stand of hardy trees every once in a rare a while. 

Tomorrow we ride to Casper. 120 miles. Winds are looking favorable (sorry 2018 alumni…). It is time again to rest and refuel.

2019Judy Clawson