Day 49 - Brattleboro VT to Manchester NH

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 77 miles

Climbing: 4500’

Weather: Upper 50s to start. Upper 80s to end. Winds out of the west.

Highlights of the day:

It was quite foggy when we rolled out of the hotel today. It seemed a little like low hanging clouds because it was thickest when were at the top of the climb. It made for some more controlled descents. It’s good to control a descent but a straight shot down can be fun (if you’re careful) to just let it go. We couldn’t quite do that today with the limited visibility. It did keep the temps down a little longer this morning, so that was a good thing.

It was amazing day to be on the bicycle. Great climbing. Even some of the steeper stuff was fun. That rush of adrenaline and endorphins at the top? Hazaah!! We finished the day with a ride along the Piscataquog River and a downhill run into town. Did I mention that the winds were also out of the west and mostly at our backs? It was quite warm (some may say hot) by the time we finished today. It is August and I guess it’s time that summer temps found us. Let’s hope they don’t go too crazy for us tomorrow.

We crossed our 10th (and final) border into our 10th (and final) state (the math makes sense if you also toss the province of Ontario in there). New Hampshire. That’s the official last border crossing. I think some riders will add Maine to their list of states visited tomorrow by crossing over the Piscataqua River on the recently replaced Memorial Bridge. It’s beautiful and completely bike friendly with our own bike lane.

The feature of today was New Hampshire hills. Lots & lots of hill repeats. In New Hampshire, it’s either up or down – there is no flat. Another feature – small towns with lots of little white buildings and churches. Oh, and more Dunkin Donuts. We’re definitely in ye olde New England.

We had our last official tour dinner tonight. A barbeque dinner was followed by the opportunity for everyone to talk about his or her tour experience. Lots of warm thoughts, hugs, and tears were shared. We still have one more day to focus and get to the beach safely. Dang, I sure know how to be the wet blanket at a party…

2018Judy Clawson