Day 20 - Casper to Lusk WY

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 92 miles

Climbing: ~2000’

Weather: Sunny. Low 60s to start. Upper 90s to end. Winds seemed favorable early on in the day. Became most annoying in the afternoon, although they did help keep us a little cooler on the bike.

Highlights of the day:

This was supposed to be a 106 mile day but due to construction, we had to shuttle the riders through 14 miles of interstate. When told they wouldn’t be doing a century, some of the riders were not disappointed at all. It might have something to do with the more seasonally hot temperatures that were forecast for this afternoon? 🤔 The detour itself was uneventful. The executed plan matched what we had down on paper. Bikes and cyclists were ferried in the vans almost as quickly as they arrived at the pickup points. A new SAG stop arranged at the drop-off point kept the front riders distracted long enough to bring the second group up and keep the spread down. A big thank you to all the riders for being flexible & cooperative. A big thank you to the staff for gettin’ ‘er done! :) 

The morning started with a ride through downtown Casper. Once out of town, we were treated to views of buttes and hills and the North Platte River. Winds were light & favorable. Riders made quick work of the miles into the water stop, formerly knows as SAG 1, in Glenrock. Topped off, they made their way to I-25 for a short stretch of interstate riding to the parking area or Exit 151 for the 14 mile shuttle. They missed some miles on the frontage road but got a great view of a giant jackalope. Fair trade?? Rolling on to SAG 2, the two-lane road rolled along, more down than up.

After the 2nd SAG, we turned on to Rte 18/20 East towards Lusk. It’s a two-lane highway that heads east as the name implies. This highway runs right along side a railroad that primarily carries coal cars. Union Pacific trains laden with coal head east and empty ones head back west towards Casper. Cyclists wave as they go by and signal for the engineers to blow the horn. Why? ‘Cuz it’s there and it’s fun. Oh, and if the engineer does indeed blow the horn? You win! Um, absolutely nothing except bragging rights. I haven’t heard if anyone was able to get an engineer to “honk” at them. We heard the horns but it was because a locomotive train pulling a long line of fully loaded coal cars was rolling through a crossing.

The last 20 miles from the 3rd SAG is mostly downhill, sorta. But before town, there must be pie. Three Sisters truck is situated 10 miles out of town and had a list of pies to make just about any mouth water. Blueberry, coconut, chocolate chip, cherry, rhubarb, sour cream raisin, chocolate, pecan, apple, custard, strawberry rhubarb, chocolate peanut butter, and butterscotch. I got a sugar buzz just typing that list. Needless to say, riders stopped and ate lots of pie. Riders were happy. Three Sisters was happy. All were happy.

We have a pizza party this evening and then it’s time to rest up. It’s been a long day today. We have another long day tomorrow. Need to catch some quick Zzzzzzz’s.

2018Judy Clawson