Day 38 - Mount Pleasant to Birch Run MI

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 74 miles

Climbing: 625’

Weather: Upper 50s to start. Mid 70s to end. Mostly cloudy. Winds out of the SSE.

Highlights of the day:

We rolled at 8:30 and headed straight into more farms. We had our usual corn, soybeans and cows. There were a couple of crops that confused us mostly because they weren’t corn or soybeans. One looked like a lettuce or other leafy vegetable but it could have been beets. That’s just how good an agriculturalist I am. 🤔

The winds remained favorable today, blowing out of the WNW. We were going ESE. I wouldn’t exactly say blowing, it was relatively calm. All the wind turbines were pointed in the right direction but most were barely moving. You almost had to stare at them to see if they were turning, it was that slow. It was a quiet, partly sunny day with enough clouds tossed in to keep the temperatures down in the low 80s. Summary? It was lovely.

At the hotel, we were greeted by an alumnus who has been on 3 AbB tours. He lives relatively close by and stops in each year to chat. We like that. He also brings with him some very decadent homemade chocolate cookies with this gooey chocolate icing and ice cold milk. We really like that. Thank you Jay, see you again next year.

All in all it was a very nice day on the bike. Tomorrow is our last day in Michigan. It seems like we just got here. The states are narrower and the days are definitely zipping by more quickly. Don’t forget to look up!

2018Judy Clawson