Day 25 - Kadoka to Chamberlain SD

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 115 miles

Climbing: 3320’

Weather: Low 60s to start. Upper 80s to end. Strong winds out of the ENE.

Highlights of the day:

Today was a tough one. It’s a long one to start that was made even longer by the wind. It was blowing when we started first thing this morning at 6:00am and it was still blowing as the last of the riders arrive at the hotel at 7:00pm. Unfortunately, the direction was mostly in our face. We tried to rationalize that it was cooling, which it was. We also tried to rationalize that is was only a front quartering wind, which it was for most of the day. But being I the saddle for 8-12 hours… Did I mention it was a long day?

We rolled out of Kadoka today and spent a majority of the day on frontage roads along I-90. The terrain was mostly rolling on the 2-lane road with very little traffic. South Dakota rollers means getting to the top of one hill and seeing many more in the distance. We climbed over 3000’ but that was over 115 miles. Please don’t tell the riders that is wasn’t that much over that distance. They worked and with the headwinds plus losing an hour to the time change (see below) - it was one long, tough day.

We celebrated our halfway point at mile 20. As with all other halfway marks on AbB tours, this was clearly marked and scientifically measured for accuracy. Or perhaps it just happens to be a wide spot in the road where a van & riders can safely stop to take pictures on the day when we cross the halfway mileage mark. 🤔 Suffice it to say that many pictures were taken with some hugs and then we were off again.

Somewhere near our first SAG stop we lost an hour. Just like that. Poof! We joked about feeling robbed. On this long day, it certainly felt like it. Riders came in later than usual. Dinner was extended later than usual. Rap was held later than usual and ran longer because of the annual AbB poker results. But we adjusted and now need to convince our bodies & minds to call it a night an hour earlier. I’m not sure that much convincing will be necessary.

Time to call it a day. Tomorrow we get up & do it again. And the Corn Palace beckons!

2018Judy Clawson