Day 12 - Twin Falls to Burley ID

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 38 (official) miles

Weather: Sunny and moderate. Upper 50s to start. Low 70s to end (no that isn’t a typo). Very few clouds.

Climbing: 1150’

Highlights of the day:

What a day! I try to avoid the over use of exclamation marks but Gosh Darn It!! Today deserves a few!!! I think the wind was even more favorable for us today than it was yesterday. While it wasn’t blowing quite as hard, it was perfectly at our backs for 99% of the ride. I don’t think many riders even noticed that we were on chip seal. Everyone flew along the road. I’d also like to point out that the high temperature in Burley was 72. Yes, 72. No typo. No thermometer malfunction. It was 72. I am going to pause to enjoy that for a moment. Sigh.

Back to our ride…

After nearly 100 miles yesterday, no one really complained about going just shy of 40 today. To add a little fun, we hold our annual America by Bicycle scavenger hunt. We might have folks who range in age from the mid-20s to the late-70s. Today, we all congregated right around 12-14 years old as we scoured the landscape for odd items on our hunt list. Teams get points for creativity, so the staff is looking forward to the items and the associated stories that will be shared after dinner tonight.

Today was very relaxed. Everyone slept in or at least tried, had a nice breakfast, and left for our 38 mile ride at 9:00. Two of the staff tried the new bike path from Twin Falls to the Shoshone Falls parking lot. It’s a beautiful path the follows along the top of the gorge. Along the way, they even got to see the spot where Even Knievel made his attempt to jump across the gorge. They, along with passing cyclists, agreed that physics was probably not in his favor. Darn that science-y stuff! They met up with the rest of the riders at the Shoshone Falls overlook. Lots of pictures were taken, then it was time to climb back up to get back on route to Burley. It was an effort but definitely worth the views. Some were even able to get pictures of Waldo. 🤔

The route traveled through fields on frontage roads along I-84. We saw more of the large array of irrigation technology that has been prevalent over the last few days. Lots of potatoes, sugar beets, and alfalfa were the crops that we think we could identify. We arrived at the motel for lots of time to hang by the pool or go for a walk or just rest up. Our mileage picks up again tomorrow. A little relaxation might just be the ticket.

Scavenger hunt results were enjoyed by everyone. The teams were quite competitive and creative. Lots of laughs were enjoyed. Winners? The Fab Five. It was the 3 Waldo pictures that nailed it for them. That, and the AbB Road Group picture. Well done gentlemen! While we were at it, we also grabbed a picture of the all the alumni currently riding with us. Nice to have you all back with us!

2018Judy Clawson