Day 39 - Birch Run to Port Huron MI

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 87 miles

Climbing: 800’

Weather: Lower 60s to start. Lower 70s to end. Very light winds (at least they were in the van). Damp to wet, clearing by the end of the day.

Highlights of the day:

Forecasts showed a bit of rain in the morning and clearing. We had our bit of rain in the morning, never very heavy, but it stuck with us on & off for most of the day. It finally dried up once we reached Port Huron. Lots of dirty bikes and riding kits to be cleaned this evening, prepping for our entry into Canada tomorrow.

We were back into farm country. A little less corn. A little more short vegetation that could have been a root veggie or beans or something. What ever it was, it was a nice change. There were cows too. We also saw some horse-drawn farming equipment. Interesting to see as long as one is careful of its, um, exhaust, especially in wet weather.

Our first SAG du jour was at a picnic pull-off complete with an Artesian well, trees, a babbling brook and a few more mosquitoes than we’d really like. No Artesians were seen. SAG food consumed, we headed off in search of more. The Horseshoe Grill in Brown City did a fair bit of business with us today. I saw some bowls of soup and a couple of sandwiches. This was at mile 47, it was time for our second breakfast!

Some of the riders took a short detour into town to see the local 9/11 memorial. The locals take great pride in this display. They welcome the opportunity to explain the site’s history and how the steel column from one of the Twin Towers was transported from New York City to Brown City. 

SAG #2 was at a town park in Yale. The town of Yale is the self-professed capital of bologna. It is serious. They have annual Yale Bologna Festival, complete with a crowned King and Queen of Bologna. Unfortunately, it starts tomorrow so there’s not much to report.

Our destination today is Port Huron. Port Huron borders the St Clair River and Lake Huron. A quick off route ride brought us to a great view of the bridge we will be crossing tomorrow. We climb over the Blue Water Bridge for a 3-day stretch in the Canadian province of Ontario. A slightly different accent, more farms, and some new Canadian jerseys await!

2017Judy Clawson