Day 10 - Boise to Mountain Home ID

Crew’s Log…

Mileage: 53 miles

Climbing: 1400’

Weather: 60s to start. Lower 80s to end. Sunny. Winds out of the NNW.

Highlights of the day:

The weather was awesome today. Totally wicked awesome! Sunny. Moderate temperatures. Serious tailwind. Thank you Mother Nature! It was a lovely, fast day to get back on a bike after our rest day in Boise. Riders talked about personal bests regarding average speed for a 50+ mile ride. No, this isn’t a race but there are not many riders that do tours like this that aren’t numbers geeks. Those geeks were happy today!

Our route started with a quiet bike path along the Boise River. A quick uphill and then the riders entered I-84 for a 12-mile stretch. Not quite as serene but the highway did have a nice wide and shoulder with perhaps a few more tire gators than we’d like. Tire gators, retread that has come off of tractor trailer rig, was all over the place and with it little tiny wires that love to cause flats. Most riders were able to navigate through the debris as we had very few flats. It was rather odd but we won’t complain or talk about it too much, lest we sour our luck.

We had our one and only SAG stop at a Sinclair truck stop and then continued off the highway on Old Highway 30. This road doesn’t see much traffic at all. It quietly meanders through horse and cattle country. We even saw a couple of alpacas and emus. Brown hills and lots of sage dotted the landscape. And the sky? HUGE. We’re getting into big sky country. Yes, I know it’s not Montana but the sky just stretched forever.

We found one interesting street sign. We’re not sure if they were lost at the time or had amazing loooong telescope or they were planning ahead for the really really big earthquake that will bring the Pacific Ocean inland. Smack in the middle of the dessert with no water visible for miles around us was a street named Ocean View Lane. Ocean View Lane. We were at a loss for words but not for having fun taking pictures.

This afternoon & evening is a time to rest up and hydrate for tomorrow. Mileage will be up into the 90s. The relatively short mileage today was a nice warm up after a day off. Tomorrow we get back to work!

2017Judy Clawson